Monday, August 15, 2016

Dear Friends,

This is the time of year when the we start planning for the next Supermarket Street Sweep. But as our main organizer, Jenny Oh Hatfield, is moving to Colorado -- the other two co-organizers Kacey and Koshi would like to pass on the leadership torch as well to some new folks. If anyone is interested in organizing the Sweep this year, they'll help you with the transition as we'd love to keep this tradition alive to benefit the SF & Marin Food Bank! Please message us if you're interested, and thank you to all of the riders, sponsors and volunteers who have supported our wonderful event over the past 10 years! 

With love,
The Supermarket Street Sweep Team


Monday, December 14, 2015

SMSW 2015 Rider Portraits

I'd like to reiterate Jenny's thanks to everyone who came out today. We were certain we wouldn't be able to top our record, but you all came through in the cold and the rain with a truly inspired effort. The results are unbelievable. It was great to see a lot of you back again this year and great to meet a few new faces; speaking of faces... Here are this year's Rider Portraits.
SMSW 2015 Rider Portraits
More on getting extra 10th Anniversary pins and bandanas soon...

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Congratulations to All of You for Another Amazing Year!

Despite the forecast of impending rain, 109 awesome racers showed up to the start of this year's Supermarket Street Sweep! While we don't want to complain about the weather as we can definitely use all the precipitation that we can get -- our numbers were a little lower than we were hoping for. 

But despite the smaller turnout, we still managed to break last year's total haul and brought in 12,218 pounds of food! While we didn't surpass last year's online fundraising total of $14,794 -- we got pretty darn close: $13,194!* Your collective effort provides well over 50,000 meals to families in the Bay Area, so you should truly be proud of your amazing accomplishment. 

Thanks to all who raced in the rain, wind and hail today; we're so impressed that you braved the elements to support the SF-Marin Food Bank. And thanks to everyone who contributed money online, dropped off food today (201 extra pounds were donated this afternoon!), and volunteered their afternoon to check-in racers. We couldn't put on this event without your help and we're truly grateful. 

And a big thanks to Kevin and Will at Bender's Bar & Grill for hosting us this year! While they had to cancel the free BBQ due to the weather, we're so grateful to them for providing us with an awesome space that's so close to the food bank. 

And last but of course not least, a very special thanks to Kacey O'Kelly and Jonathan Koshi for helping to co-organize the Sweep. They put in tons of hours over the past few months behind the scenes, and their assistance is invaluable! 

Koshi will be posting up rider portraits soon, and he'll also share news about how you can purchase an extra anniversary bandanna or pin. Proceeds will go towards the SF-Marin Food Bank as well.

Congrats again on a job well done!

1st Place: "SF2G" Peter Chang, Peter Colijn, Nathan Dushman, Bret Lobree, Chris Ryan
2772 lbs. in 3 hours, 45 minutes

2nd Place: Brian Koss, Ben Koss, Vidas Plačiakis
2256 lbs. in 3 hrs., 28 minutes

3rd Place: Alvin Chen, Arthur Corpuz, Justin Johnson 
928 lbs., 3 hrs., 57 minutes

4th Place: "Shark Teeth" Gino Gabuyo, Mara Mabugat, Kaitlin McGee, Gabriel Ramirez
78 lbs., 3 hrs. 5 minutes

5th Place: Jen & Jonathan Gerken
41 lbs., 3 hrs., 38 minutes

Brad Simeral ($6579)Little Green Bee (Bridget!) ($2325)
Bravo Zulu ($1495)
Crabby ($1284) (Sweep Organizers' Fundraising Team)
mmmFood! (: Arena :) ($700)
Alvin Chen ($601)
Hercules Cycling Club - Arthur Corpuz ($110)

CARGO (Women's Category)
1st Place: Ivy Young: 336 lbs., 3 hrs. 50 min.)
2nd Place: Jennifer Borchardt (285 lbs., 3 hrs. 35 min.)
3rd Place: Laura Schiedwind (282 lbs., 3 hrs. 39 min.)
4th Place: Bridget May (225 lbs, 3 hrs. 37 min.)
5th Place: Arena Reed (170 lbs., 3 hrs. 30 min.)
May Woo (114 lbs., 3 hrs. 45 min.)
Kat Foley (22 lbs., 3 hrs. 26 min.)

CARGO (Men's Category)
1st Place: Carlos Corujo (712 lbs., 3 hrs., 43 min.)
2nd Place: Sean Sevilla (476 lbs., 3 hours. 57 min.)
3rd Place: Liam Casey (274 lbs., 2 hrs., 53 min.)
4th Place: Brad Simeral (245 lbs., 3 hrs., 25 min.)
5th Place: Sreejith Kt (208 lbs., 3 hrs., 26 min.)
Dave Vetrano (143 lbs., 3 hrs. 26 min.)
Terry Curley (132 lbs., 3 hrs., 25 min.)
Steve Lok (126 lbs., 3 hrs., 6 min.) 
Jack Vu (120 lbs., time unknown) 
Bryce Newman (79 lbs., 3:48 min)
Brian Toy (31 lbs., 3 hrs., 56 min.)
Puck Ananta (24 lbs., 3 hrs., 26 min.)

SPEED (aka POINTS) Women's Category
1st Place: Christina Peck (310 Points, 3 hrs. 56 min.)
2nd Place: Katie Styer (260 Points, 3 hrsl, 53 min.)
3rd Place: Chava Kronenberg (250 Points, 3 hrs. 49 min.)
4th Place: Rachel Hsu (240 Points, 3 hrs. 53 min.)
5th Place: Carly Grob (220 Points, 3 hrs., 53 min.)
Vanessa Christie (220 Points, 3 hrs., 54 min.)
Mei Yan (190 Points, 3 hrs. 09 min.)
Rachel Critelli (190 Points, 3 hrs., 46 min.)
Crystal (?) (190 Points, 3 hrs., 46 min.)
Galina Merzheritskaya (190 Points, 3 hrs. 23 min.) 
Jenn Chan (190 Points, 3 hrs. 54 min.)
Monica Heger (180 Points, 3 hrs. 49 min.) 
Krista McDonald (180 Points, 3 hrs., 46 min.)
Nancy Suns (180 Points, 3 hrs., 50 min.)
Robin Hunter (170 Points, 3 hrs. 46 min.) 
Jennie Anderson (160 Points, 3 hrs. 46 min.) 
Mimi Torres (140 Points, 3 hrs., 49 min.)
Diandian Xiao (130 Points, 3 hrs., 37 min.)
Bike Like A Girl SF (130 Points, 3 hrs., 54 min.)
Charlotte Hryse (120 Points, 3 hrs. 34 min.)
Jess Hemerly (120 Points, 3 hrs., 2 min.)
Constance Cavallas (110 Points, 3 hrs., 11 min.)
Aeri Swendson (110 Points, 3 hrs. 11 min.)
Jessica Jenkins (110 Points, 3 hrs., 11 min.)
Ksenya Gusak (110 Points, 3 hrs., 12 min.)
Katrina S. (110 Points, 3 hrs. 12 min.)
Becca Menke (100 Points, 3 hrs., 37 min.) 
Sandra / Kacey / Amy (90 Points) 
Tiffany Ng (60 Points, 2 hrs., 47 min.) 
Karla Burnett (60 Points, 3 hrs., 55 min.)
Jessica Chan (50 Points, 3 hrs., 53 min.)
Kellie Su (50 Points, 2 hrs. 55 min.)
Consuelo Ferreira (50 Points, 2 hrs., 53 min.) 
Justine Simpson (50 Points, 2 hrs., 53 min.)
Renee Rodriguez (30 Points, 2 hrs. 49 min.)

SPEED (aka POINTS) (Men's Category)
1st Place: Adam Shapiro ( 310 Points, 3 hrs., 53 min.)
2nd Place: Zach Morvant (280 Points, 3 hrs., 51 min.) 
3rd Place: Patrick Dowd (270 Points, 3 hrs. 50 min.)
4th Place: Chris Prest (270 Points, 3 hrs. 53 min.) 
5th Place: Mark Woloschuk (260 Points, 3 hrs., 52 min.)
Matthew Blain (260 Points, 3 hrs., 56 min.)
Sam Newman (240 Points, 3 hrs., 53 min.)
Chris Hart (240 Points, 3 hrs., 52 min.)
Nathan Hurst (240 Points, 3 hrs., 52 min.)
Joh Moldover (230 Points, 3 hrs., 51 min.)
Eric Greenwoods (230 Points, 3 hrs., 51 min.)
Emerson (220 Points, 3 hrs., 41 min.)
Andras (210 Points, 3 hrs., 36 min.)
Andrew P. (210 Points, 3 hrs., 53 min.)
Kevin Cheng (200 Points, 3 hrs., 56 min.) 
David Archard (200 Points, 3 hrs., 50 min.)
Dan Russel (200 Points, 4 hrs., 3 min) *over time limit
Ian Kizu-Blair (180 Points, 3 hrs., 47 min.)
Carlin Eng (180 Points, 3 hrs., 47 min.)
Zach Sorenson (180 Points, 3 hrs., 52 min.)
Johnny (?) 140 Points, 3 hrs., 32 min.)
Loren O'Hara (140 Points, 3 hrs., 29 min.)
Robbie Wedler (130 Points, 3 hrs., 37 min.)
Mike Kuss (150 Points, 3 hrs., 37 min.)
David Perie (110 Points, 3 hrs., 11 min.)
Nick Watter (110 Points, 3 hrs., 11 min.)
Will Spangler (110 Points, 3 hrs., 29 min.)
Nick Marti (110 Points, 3 hrs., 46 min.)
Max Hill (110 Points, 3 hrs., 29 min.)
Kell McKenzie (100 Points, 3 hrs., 50 min.) 
Pat Roche (80 Points, ?) 
Chris Dembia (60 Points, 2 hrs., 47 min.)
Rob Straka (60 Points, 3 hrs., 55 min.)
Chase Lambert (60 Points, 3 hrs., 55 min.)
Mike S. (50 Points, 3 hrs. 40 min.)

*We donated an additional $100 after the cut-off time.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Get Ready For Tomorrow!

Hey Folks,

We'd like to make just a few more announcements before tomorrow's event! 
  • While there's rain predicted in the forecast for tomorrow, it's looking like it'll clear up around noon. So while the streets may be wet, hopefully it'll just be partly cloudy skies while you're riding around the city. And what better way to celebrate the much needed rain than biking in the name of an important charity? But please dress accordingly and ride safely.
  • Not only will all finishers receive a special enamel pin when they arrive at the SF-Marin Food Bank -- we have another gift: an awesome black bandanna designed by our very own Koshi that features our unique logo. So if you complete the event, you'll receive both!
  • The after party is at Bender’s Bar & Grill (806 S. Van Ness Ave & 19th Street). The bar opens at 2PM, so if you finish before 4PM -- you can head on over there. There’s free BBQ from 3-7PM and the kitchen will be open to buy additional food, too. 
  • We're aiming to start the raffle at 5PM, so all of you folks that pre-registered on EventBrite have automatically been entered. That will be followed shortly afterwards by the awards.

 Questions? Email us at supermarketstreetsweep at gmail dot com. See you tomorrow!

Friday, December 11, 2015

New Sponsor Spotlight: BRAAAP (Cross is Coming), Ocho Candy and RBar Energy Bars

San Francisco's mini-indie company BRAAP (Cross is Coming) is all about "stoking the grassroots." All of its sweet cyclocross-centric merch is made in the USA and they're give us a set of socks, t-shirt and stickers set to give away. Thanks so much!

Oakland's Ocho Candy produces certified organic, Fair Trade candy. That means it meets criteria regarding sustainability, the environment and compassionate labor practices. They're also pesticide and GMO-free. They've donated 60 candy bars to give away to Sweep participants -- so thank you for your generous contribution!

RBar Energy Bars have just seven ingredients or less in each bar. Their line of healthy, delicious products are handcrafted in Arizona, and they kindly sent us 10 boxes of four flavors: Double Chocolate, Lemon Poppyseed, Pricky Pear Pecan and Peanut Butter and Jelly. Some fortunate Sweep participants will enjoy these tasty products on future rides!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

New Sponsor Spotlight: Planet Granite!

We were stoked when folks at Planet Granite in San Francisco reached out about supporting the Supermarket Street Sweep. Not only are they putting together a team for this year's new Team Category, they gave us a gift certificate for two free belay classes and some t-shirts. Planet Granite has several locations, but city folk can find them on Mason St. at Crissy Field, a huge space with climbing and bouldering, as well as fitness and yoga spaces. They offer climbing classes, yoga and personal training. We're really happy that someone will walk away from this year's race with these goodies! Thank you Planet Granite!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Returning Sponsor Spotlight: Bicycle Coffee, Manifesto Bicycles and Spurcycle

Bicycle Coffee Company roasts top-notch coffee imported from sustainable farms at their Oakland, Los Angeles and Tokyo facilities -- then they make their deliveries by bicycle! In the Bay Area, you can visit them at their Oakland café and roastery or at the Grand Lake Farmers' Market. Thanks to BCC for kicking in 5 bags of beans, 2 mugs, a beanie and one snap back hat as prizes!

We can't rave enough about Spurcycle's perfect cycling bells! They've donated another to give away to Sweep participants, along with some of their new products: a gorgeous stainless steel key clip and their snazzy condiments water bottles. You can get a shot at winning these rad prizes while helping the San Francisco & Marin Food Bank!

Manifesto Bicycles, a rad Oakland shop on 40th and Webster, is a great neighborhood bike shop that offers an eclectic selection of bicycles, clothing, accessories, service and more. They've returned as a sponsor this year and have put together another awesome grab bag of assorted prizes -- thanks, Mackay and Sam!