Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sponsor Spotlight: Timbuk2

Founded in 1989 and known for their signature three-panel tri-colored messenger bags, Timbuk2 has since grown and expanded their line of bags to fit virtually every riding style of our diverse communities, as well as creating bags for work and travel. This year, they donated four bags and a bunch of seat packs!

They have a manufacturing facility and factory store right here in San Francisco in the Mission District as well as a retail location in Hayes Valley, so be sure to pop in and check them out for your bike bag needs!

Photo provided by Alex Morales
We have yet another awesome sponsor whose representative also participates in the Sweep! Meet Alex Morales, who has been a long-time Sweep volunteer and now works at Timbuk2! 

If you have raced in the event in the past, what was the equipment you used (bike and bags)?

I have raced in alleycats and other races. My favorite was one that a friend of mine put on - a 24hr scavenger hunt race where you had to get images and find things and present your finds. It was cool and a lot of fun. I brought a backpack (at the time a Freight large rolltop), bike tools, a jacket and some food/snacks.

How did you first get involved with the Sweep and how has the event grown since you started?
I started to get involved because I met Jenny Oh on SF Fixed (ooh remember that site?) and we hit it off as friends and love of shiba inus and bikes. She then asked me if I was interested in helping out with an event that donates food to the food bank and well the rest is history. I helped out for 4 events and loved doing it.

Why is the Sweep important to you?
It's important because it brings together our community and you are actually making a difference. I love seeing our bicycle community in the Bay Area come together and support this cause. 

Favorite Sweep moment/memory?
Seeing the father and son tandem bike team. It was so cool and so endearing that it made my day.

The Sweep has been a family affair for Eric and Cooper "Sprocket" Downing since 2011 with the cargo win, and now they have the help of Trenton's pedaling power too! Photo by: Jonathan Koshi
Can you share a tip for someone considering volunteering or sponsoring for the first time?
If you are volunteering remember to bring food for everyone like those large coffee containers you can get at starbucks. Volunteers need fuel too! And snacks as well. Also make sure to pack a jacket/layers because it does get cold.  Sponsor as much as you can because its a great cause.

Thank you so much Alex and Timbuk2!

If you would like to volunteer on race day, EMAIL US!
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