Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Rider Profile: Bret Lobree

Meet Supermarket Street Sweep rider Bret Lobree!
Left to right: Chris Ryan, Nathan Dushman, Peter Colijn, Bret Lobree, Peter Chang. Photo by: Jonathan Koshi

Sweep Category: Team
Team in 2015 Sweep: SF2G

What was the race equipment you used?
Bullitt (best cargo bike ever, borrowed)

Have you raced the Sweep in the past? Why is the Sweep important to you?
Nope, last year was my first year. Supporting food banks is important to me. Our school is a pick up site and donations are dropping every year. I'd like to see them increase to keep families fed.

What made you decide to try the new team category?
I like doing things as a group, and as an community SF2G is one of my favorites (even though I don't commute with them anymore).

Favorite Sweep moment/memory?
Rolling down 3rd Street with 200lbs in the bucket and I started getting speed wobbles (seems the linkage joint was loose).

Can you share a tip for someone considering racing with a team for the first time?
Just do it. This is the best fun, easy, low stress way to support our community.

Thanks Bret, for riding for the Food Bank! 

New riders: are you wondering what the team category is, and why it is awesome?
Here's the scoop: you and up to four other teammates bring back as much food as possible. The heaviest load wins! Last year, we introduced the team category and were blown away by the pedal power of just 5 teams consisting of 17 people in total. Together, these 5 teams brought in 49.7% of the total 12,218lbs of food in last year's Sweep! 

Registration: NO race-day registration; teams MUST pre-register on Eventbrite! The team leader should RSVP one ticket for the entire team; each member does not need to register separately. Each team can have a maximum of five members.

The Race: At the start of the race, each team will be given one manifest, or shopping list, for the entire team. You must buy the minimum items specified on the list, e.g., buy five (5) cans of food from 'Name of Store,' 'Address'. We will give you the addresses for the stores, but it's up to you to look them up on a map or smartphone. No doubling up of purchases at one store - they must be bought separately at the specified locations. You must keep your receipts for for these purchases. 

Once you've bought these items, bring in as much additional food items as you can to the finish (SF-Marin Food Bank, 900 Pennsylvania Avenue). No receipts are needed for the additional items and they can be purchased anywhere. You can also purchase the additional food in larger quantities, such as entire cases of canned goods and 50lb bags of rice or beans. No glass, no perishables. You are welcome to make multiple trips by going back and forth between the stores and the SF-Marin Food Bank.

Scoring: Bring back all of the food listed on the manifest WITH RECEIPTS BEFORE 4PM to complete the race; late finishers will be disqualified. Any teams without their entire group after the 4PM will also be disqualified. Each food collection bin at the food bank is approximately 3.5' x 3.5' and 3' deep. The team that fills up a bin with the most amount of food (by weight) wins! Electric bikes or other motor-assisted vehicles are not allowed - you must use your own pedal power to finish!

Ready to give the team race a go? Register here!

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