Saturday, November 26, 2016

New Sponsor Spotlight: Ornot, Jess Chan, 3D Bike Fit, Ten Speed Hero, Mettle Cycling

Founded in 2013, Ornot is a cycling apparel company driven by minimalistic design (designed here in San Francisco!), domestic manufacturing, and an emphasis on having fun on the bike - as their playful name suggests. Ornot is a new sponsor to the Supermarket Street Sweep, but they made a big commitment by donating two thermal jackets, two $75 gift cards, three pairs of socks, and three water bottles!

Photo by Nich Barresi, featuring our next sponsor, Jess Chan!

Jess Chan is a friend of the Sweep, and is a bad ass on and off the bike. She's led many of the Tuesday night women's rides out of Rapha Cycle Club for over a year, she's been on many a bike tour, recently celebrated "New Bike Day" with the frame she made in a frame welding program, and is an excellent designer of aesthetic, functional gear. Jess has ridden the Sweep, but this year, she made the bags pictured below exclusively as Sweep prizes! They include two sets of front panniers, two hip pouches, and two tool rolls. Some lucky winners will get these one-of-a-kind bags and be ready for more bike adventuring! Thanks Jess!

Client getting a bike fit at 3D Bike Fit, located at 1299 Bush St.
3D Bike Fit - Many people who have spent lots of time in the saddle have suffered from some kind of pain, be it in your knees, hotspots in your feet, or numb hands. This kind of pain can quickly zap the fun out of riding your bike. A professional bike fit can help alleviate these annoyances and make you a stronger cyclist by helping you position your body to better use your muscles. 3D Bike Fit has some of the finest technology and most knowledgeable fitters around! From measuring your "sit bones" for a proper saddle to custom footbeds, their staff has you covered to get your fit dialed. 3D donated a fit valued at $200 and a custom foot bed! Schedule an appointment with them today!

Ten Speed Hero is a cycling journal headquartered in Chicago with satellite offices in California and Belgium, but they also create road and cyclocross apparel for you to sweat in - in both subtle and vibrant designs! They've recently launched a couple kits featuring fun and adorable designs by Amelia Strong. TSH is also a strong supporter of women's racing. Follow their updates related to women's cycling and racing here. We're happy to welcome TSH as a new sponsor this year, with their donation of 10 pairs of cool socks to up your sock game! Thanks TSH!

Mettle Cycling's namesake is based on having the courage to follow through despite facing difficulties. From made-to-order camera straps to a wide array of neckerchiefs, Mettle Cycling is a great go to for a unique gift for that special cycling someone. They donated one of their tool rolls, featuring reflective detailing, a sturdy velcro strap, and a magnetic closure.

The 11th Annual Supermarket Street Sweep is right around the corner. RACEDONATEVOLUNTEER.
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