Thursday, November 3, 2016

Helping Our Neighbors in Need

We are just under ONE MONTH away from the 11th Annual Supermarket Street Sweep! We've shown you sponsor-donated prizes and tips from some of our wonderful Sweep riders, but who are we doing this for?

In Christopher Wimer and Lucas Manfield’s “Missing Meals” in San Francisco and Marin, low- and moderate-income families in San Francisco who are eligible for various food assistance programs are defined by those who earn below 200% of the federal poverty line (FPL).

Persons in Family/Household
2016 Federal Poverty Line (FPL)
SF-Marin Eligibility for Food Assistance Programs (200% FPL)
Source: Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation. "U.S. Federal Poverty Guidelines, Used to Determine Financial Eligibility for Certain Federal Programs." 25 Jan 2016.

According to the Food Security Task Force’s (FSTF) Assessment of Food Security in San Francisco (2013), 261,619 (or approximately 1 in 4) people in San Francisco and Marin make less than 200% of the FPL and are consequently at risk of being food insecure, and the sub-populations especially vulnerable to food insecurity include seniors and adults with disabilities, children and families, and people who are homeless.

Source: Reprinted from Gruneisen, Karen, & Jones, Paula (Eds.). for the San Francisco Food Security Task Force. "Assessment of Food Security in San Francisco," 2013, pg. 91.
The three “Pillars of Food Security” as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) include food availability, food access, and food utilization (or consumption). For more information on the particular challenges and opportunities people are facing near you in relation to food availability, access, and consumption, click on your San Francisco supervisorial district below.

The SF-Marin Food Bank (SFMFB) serves over 147,000 people, or 30,000 households, each week and 225,000 people rely on the help of SFMFB and its partners and volunteers every year. But SFMFB still needs your help. According to Wimer and Manfield, every year, the number of “missing meals” is calculated based on the following formula (SFMFB is included in “Non-Profit Meals"): 

Missing Meals = Meals Needed – Meals Afforded – Government Meals – Non-Profit Meals

Despite SFMFB's impressive weekly and annual contribution, they still need our help. Based on the the Missing Meals report (and shown in the graphic below), there were 46,628,984 missing meals in 2014.

Source: Reprinted from Wimer, Christopher, and Manfield Lucas. "'Missing Meals' in San Francisco and Marin," May 2016, pg. 11.

Please come out and JOIN US by contributing food donations to this valuable cause. If you are unable to make it to the Sweep, consider starting or CONTRIBUTING to a Dollars for Dinners team page today, where every $1 you donate allows the SFMFB to distribute $5 worth of food, which can provide 3 meals.
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