Saturday, October 29, 2016

Rider Profile: Sean Sevilla

Meet Sean Sevilla, who's been upping his Supermarket Street Sweep game year over year in cargo AND fundraising!

Photo by: Jonathan Koshi

Name: Sean Sevilla
Sweep Categories: Cargo-Men, Fundraising

What is your race equipment for the Supermarket Street Sweep?
I did my first few sweeps borrowing my friend Jacob's Project Rwanda Coffee Bike.  He did a lot of work supporting this organization through fundraising and direct volunteer work while it was active, and had a sample cargo bike they had disseminated to coffee farmers in Rwanda.  That thing was a beast and we loaded 400+ lbs. on it.  One year I won the cargo bike category and my prize was a prototype Xtracycle EdgeRunner frame that has since become my steed of choice.

Why is the Sweep important to you?
It's a fun event that supports a fantastic organization.  It's a great way to engage the bike community into helping those in need (while having a lot of fun on the side!), and it's something I look forward to supporting every year.

What is the biggest thing you've learned since the first time you participated in the Sweep?
How not to load 600 lbs. on a single bike at once and carry it at least 2 miles.  Haven't quite figured that out yet.  Every year I get closer.

Favorite Sweep moment/memory?
Taco-ing my frame while carrying 650+ lbs. for more than a mile from the food bank last year.  I still managed to single-handedly drag the bike to the food bank under the time limit, but I trailed a path of beans down a few streets in San Francisco!

Can you share a tip for someone considering racing cargo or fundraising for the first time?
Borrow a Bikes-at-Work cargo trailer from someone you know!  These can easily carry 400+ lbs. of food without breaking a sweat.  Also, go through the listed stops on the manifest as fast as you can since carrying that last load of cargo from your last store back to the food-bank can take more than an hour.

What is the cargo category?
Individual cyclists bring back the heaviest load of food from the designated grocery stores. The top five men and women will win awesome prizes! If you want to try and place in the top 5, you must first buy the minimum amount on your manifest and you MUST have receipts for these purchases. Then you can buy extra food from any store; it doesn't have to be places on the list and you don't need receipts for these additional items. You can also make multiple runs to and from the food bank once you've dropped off the required items on your manifest. Just be sure to return to the SF & Marin Food Bank by 4PM sharp or you'll be disqualified!

And fundraising helps, so get your friends and family to give you money so you can do more shopping! However, glass or perishable items WILL NOT be accepted. Please don't buy bulk items (e.g. rice from a bulk dispenser that you bag yourself) as the SF & Marin Food Bank doesn't accept them; only pre-packaged items are allowed. 

Ready to give the cargo race a go? Register here!

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