Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Returning Sponsor Spotlight: Selle San Marco, Mission Bicycle, and Phil Wood & Co.!

Big thanks to these longtime sponsors for sending us some really nice prizes! Over the years the Supermarket Street Sweep has made some wonderful, generous friends.

Selle San Marco sends us a lovely big box of saddles every year. For nearly 80 years they have been making beautiful handmade saddles in Italy. They are always a pleasure to communicate with and enthusiastically support our event. This year they sent us a rainbow of Supercorsa saddles and a stack of cycling socks. Receiving their donation is always an experience to look forward to.

We also swing by Mission Bicycle on Valencia St. every year to pick up a huge bag of cycling accessories. This year they threw in some limited edition hoodies, a helmet, and some other goodies. If you haven't been to their small boutique, it's worth a visit -- packed with the latest cycling clothing, accessories, components, and bicycles.

Mission Bicycle also offers a Custom Fleet program that promotes cycling to work by working with businesses to provide bicycles and a to foster a commuting culture in the workplace.

Lastly, we'd like to thank Phil Wood & Co. for the swanky hubset and other products. Phil Wood & Co. was founded in 1971 and are completely designed and manufactured in San Jose, California.

They have an interesting history on their website chronicling the paramount contributions they've made to cycling. Their products are of the highest quality and are known for durability. Thank you Phil Wood & Co.!

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