Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Returning Sponsor Spolight: Montano Velo, Ne Timeas Group, PRO Bike Gear

Owner Jason Montano of Oakland's Montano Velo has supported us from the earliest days of the Supermarket Street Sweep. Whether you need an excellent mechanic to tune up or fix your bike (he or Daniel are at your service), want cool cycling accessories or perhaps one of their new off-road Broakland Burrito bikes -- stop in and they'll treat you right! They donated four sweet women's t-shirts and a Terry saddle (another one of our sponsors.) Thanks, guys!

We hope you work up a big appetite while racing the Sweep, because ne timeas restaurant group has generously donated two $50 gift certificates to be used at Trick Dog and Flour + Water. (They have three other wonderful establishments, too.) We're super thankful they've returned as a sponsor and I'm sure you will be as well after enjoying one of their delightful meals!

PRO Bike Gear, as described by their website, is "the result of a unique collaboration between professional riders and experienced engineers. The riders tell the engineers what attributes they need to succeed in their discipline – stiffness, weight, shape, dimensions adjustment. The engineers make those attributes a reality, using their design expertise and materials knowledge to deliver the desired characteristics." Whether road, track, cyclocross or mountain bike riders, PRO creates a wide range of awesome products -- like the mini-pumps, full-size pumps, handlebar tape, handlebars, grips and storage canisters that they donated. Thanks for donating the big box of prizes for our lucky winners!

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