Thursday, November 5, 2015

Returning Sponsor Spotlight: Planet Bike, Public Bikes, Rapha

Planet Bike will light up your life this year (and the streets) if you're a lucky winner at the Sweep! They've generously donated a whole array of their effective products that assist cyclists navigate and be visible in the dark: (5) Blaze 2 Watt micro lights; (5) Captain Safety super reflective stickers; and (5) Superflash micro lights. Thanks again to Planet Bike for their generous ongoing support!

The stylish folks at PUBLIC Bikes have sent us two sets of Farmers Market Twin Panniers to give away as prizes this year. Sign up for the CARGO Category if you want to win one of these beautiful dual bags to carry your groceries on your bicycle!

Our dear Portland friends at Rapha USA have sent us another big box of swag this year as prizes! They've sent us a stylish backpack; one Deep Winter collar; and eight bidons. Some lucky winners will be riding around in style!

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