Friday, November 6, 2015

New Sponsor Spotlight: Larabar, Oakley, Shebeest

LÄRABAR makes healthy, GMO and gluten-free energy bars and other nutritious edibles (see the whole list of their virtues here). They personally delivered 5 big boxes of their delicious mini-bars to give away at the Sweep! LÄRABAR has a ton of flavors, and we'll be handing out Apple Pie, Cashew Cookie, Cherry Pie, Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and Peanut Butter to everyone who signs up -- yet another reason to register and ride this year! 

Performance outerwear company Oakley has joined our rad list of sponsors this year and has sent two cool pairs of sunglasses valued at $290: their Men's "
Straight Jacket" with polished black frames and black iridium lenses and the Women's "Kickback Gold." Thanks, Oakley!

Developed by women cyclists for fellow women riders, shebeest has produced fashionable gear since the late '90s. Our SoCal friends have sent us two eye-catching jerseys -- the Bellissima Python and the Easy V Cheetafly -- to award to some lucky ladies. High-fives to sheebeest!

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