Thursday, November 19, 2015

New Sponsor Spotlight: Justin's, Late July, The Athletic

Mmmm -- all of us on the Sweep team are all long-time fans of Justin's nutty products, and so we're delighted that they sent us boxes upon boxes of treats! There's squeezable packets of Maple Almond Butter; Honey Peanut Butter; and some of our favorites -- their Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups! Some lucky Sweep winners will find these goodies in their prize bags, and we'll include some with our registration swag, too!

Boston's Late July makes organic snack chips that are tasty, allergy-friendly, gluten and GMO-free! There's seven flavors in all (5 are vegan), and they've sent us a big case of their "Sea Salt by the Seashore" multigrain chips. Winners will be stoked to eat these delicious chips, so thanks for the donation!

Our fine friends at The Athletic have been running their stylish shop in Portland for just over a year now. If you want your cycling wardrobe to be on point -- check out all of their wares online as they've got so much rad gear for sale including jerseys, caps, t-shirts and socks, socks, socks. They sent us a big box to give away to Sweepers this year because they're super awesome. Thanks, y'all!

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