Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Sponsor Spotlight: BICI Italia and Eroica California, Fog City Gear and GoMacro

As you can guess from their name, BICI ITALIA leads custom cycling and cultural tours of Italy. They offer a range of packages that explores Tuscany, and they can organize your trips to L'Eroica and L'Eroica Primavera. They donated a big beautiful bike basket filled with delicious Italian food and other surprises -- so be sure to register today!

Now if you want to stay local for this special festival, the inaugural Eroica California took place last spring in Paso Robles. We can personally vouch for how much fun it was to be surrounded by vintage bikes and fellow cycling aficionados all weekend. But of course, the real highlight was the gorgeously scenic ride and delicious catered food supplied during and at the group dinner afterwards. You can join in the awesomeness next April if you win the free entry from Eroica California! (And in the meantime, enjoy some lovely olive oil and other goodies from them.)

San Francisco's Fog City Gear is run by one talented craftsman who's headquartered in the Mission. Check out the handmade handlebar and saddle bags that are available for sale via his website, and he'll do custom orders, too. FCG's made two special wallets with a clear cell phone pouch to give away to Sweepers; thanks so much for the rad donation!

I've enjoyed delicious GoMacro bars on many rides!  An independent, family-owned and operated business based in Wisconsin, they use mostly raw, 100% plant-based ingredients from top organic and non-GMO certified growers (including InfantSafe® brown rice syrup) in all of their products. And there's no soy, gluten, or dairy. They've sent us 10 boxes filled with their 11 assorted flavors of macrobars and tons of coupons -- which lucky participants have a chance to win! They'll be tucked in with our prize packages and raffle bags. Thanks, GoMacro!

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