Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Returning Sponsor Spotlight: Alite, Orqo, MonkeyLight and Missing Link

These four Bay Area companies have generously supported the Sweep over the years and we're a fan of their fantastic products!

San Francisco's Alite Designs has expanded their business; they've now got a brick-and-mortar shop in the Mission where you can pop in personally. (But you can always order their nifty outdoor goods online.) They've donated two cute Cub Packs and an Excelsior daypack from Boreas. 

We recently paid a visit to Berkeley-based Monkeylectric, where they showed off one of their cool new innovations. Their bike wheel lights will illuminate your night rides, especially if you win one of their M232 kits!

We love Missing Link Bicycle Cooperative, a Berkeley-based bike shop that's owned and managed by a group of awesome cyclists. You might win one of their (4) sweet cycling caps embroidered with their logo (made by alloneword, a previous Sweep sponsor) or a t-shirt!

As the cooler weather approaches, you'll want some warm wooly goods to keep you comfortable on your ride. Orqo Adventure Apparel's arm warmers, made from 100% Merino wool, will do the job quite well. If you can't wait to win one of two sets (or a stylish caps), they're currently having an online sale!

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