Monday, October 12, 2015

New Sponsor Spotlight: Blue Apron, CORE Foods and Skratch Labs

Love food but don't always feel like cooking? Blue Apron makes it easy for you by providing recipes, ingredients and delivering it all right to your door; you just need to put it all together for a delicious gourmet meal. Blue Apron has generously donated (5) 1-week dinner kits (worth $70!) You'll definitely have an appetite after racing the Sweep, so we hope you're one of the lucky recipients of this tasty prize. Three cheers to Blue Apron!

It's always a pleasure for the Sweep to be sponsored by another local non-profit that's just as focused on improving community health and wellness as the SF & Marin Food Bank. Oakland's CORE Foods is a carbon-neutral, certified B-corporation, which means they're equally concerned about their social and environment impact as they are with producing a nutritious product. (Watch this video to learn more about their history and values.) Their CORE meal bars, "a full bowl of hearty oatmeal shaped into a meal-to-go," are made with just 10 certified organic ingredients. There's no syrups, salts, oils, flours or preservatives, so they're kept frozen to ensure their freshness until you're ready to eat them. Vegan and chock-full of fruits, seeds, nuts, and grains, CORE donated 30 bars to the Sweep (which come in 6 flavors, with or without whey protein) -- so thank you!

We're BIG fans of Skratch Labs, the Colorado-based company founded by Allen Lim. A sport scientist and former cycling coach, Lim used his nutrition expertise to develop a wide range of fantastic on-the-bike fuel: hydration mixes, cookie mixes and energy chews. They've sent us a boatload of their orange and raspberry fruit drops (I can personally attest to their effectiveness as I ate them while riding Paris-Brest-Paris), so we have plenty to give away to Sweep winners! Plus they've included discount cards (for either 50% or 20% off their products), so you can shop online for more Skratch Labs products, like one of their cookbooks. Thanks so much, Skratch!

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