Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sponsor Spotlight: Pedal Revolution, Selle San Marco, Mission Bicycle, Plemons Co.

Even though Pedal Revolution is a non-profit operating on a strapped budget, they always graciously donate some of the most useful and generous prizes to our event. We really feel bonded with this shop and their commitment to our community.

Another local friend, Mission Bicycle has been churning out customized bicycles from their Mission shop since 2008. Every year we count on them for a swanky gift bag.

One of the highlights of organizing this event is getting a special delivery from Italy, a box of beautiful, elegant Selle San Marco saddles. Our friend Federico is truly charming and is always happy to send us a jealousy-inducing box of goodies.

Last but never least, local one-man show Casey Plemons also generously donates some of his handmade Plemons Co. footstraps. They are gorgeous from top-to bottom. He developed a neat new product this year, mudflaps which we'll be giving away.
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