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Frequently Asked Questions About the Supermarket Street Sweep!

Where does the race start?
The start of the race is at Cupid Span's sculpture (Bow & Arrow) at Embarcadero & Folsom. Please meet here to check in for the event. You don't need to bring or print out your Eventbrite registration/ticket. The first 200 pre-registrants via Eventbrite will receive special swag.

When can we check in?

We'll start checking you in at 10:30AM. Ideally, we'll get all of you on the road by noon once we make a short speech and hand out the manifests (which lists the stores you'll visit and the items you'll buy to donate to the food bank).

What if I didn't pre-register online; can I still register at the start?

Yes! But only for SPEED/POINTS and CARGO categories; there is no race-day registration for the TEAM category.

Will the Sweep be canceled if it's raining? 

The event happens rain or shine!

What is the SPEED/POINTS category?

Individual cyclists must earn at least 50 points to finish the SWEEP successfully. This category is designed so that you can do an easy or a more difficult version, depending on how much you want to ride or donate; you can customize it as much as you like. But if you'd like to win some prizes, you'll have to choose a more challenging course.

Here's an example: Buy (2) cans of beans from "SAMPLE STORE". If it's a store that's worth 10 points, it'll be located closer to the start. If it's a store that's worth 30 points, it'll be further away in the city. We will give you the addresses for the stores, but it's up to you to look them up on your map or smartphone.

Part of the challenge is creating the most efficient route to go shopping! However you want to "choose your own adventure," you MUST bring back receipts for all of your purchases and be back at the SF & Marin Food Bank by 4PM to finish. The top five men and women will win great prizes!

What is the CARGO category?
Individual cyclists bring back the heaviest load of food from the designated grocery stores. The top five men and women will win awesome prizes! If you want to try and place in the top 5, you must first buy the minimum amount on your manifest and you MUST have receipts for these purchases. Then you can buy extra food from any store; it doesn't have to be places on the list and you don't need receipts for these additional items. You can also make multiple runs to and from the food bank once you've dropped off the required items on your manifest. Just be sure to return to the SF & Marin Food Bank by 4PM sharp or you'll be disqualified!

And fundraising helps, so get your friends and family to give you money so you can do more shopping! However, glass or perishable items WILL NOT be accepted. Please don't buy bulk items (e.g. rice from a bulk dispenser that you bag yourself) as the SF & Marin Food Bank doesn't accept them; only pre-packaged items are allowed.

What is the TEAM category?

The rules for the team category are very similar to that of the cargo category, except that you and up to four other teammates bring back as much food as possible. The heaviest load wins! The team category was introduced in 2015 and we were blown away by the pedal power of just 5 teams consisting of 17 people in total. Together, these 5 teams brought in 49.7% of the total 12,218lbs of food in that year's Sweep! 

RegistrationNO race-day registration; teams MUST pre-register on Eventbrite! The team leader should RSVP one ticket for the entire team; each member does not need to register separately. Each team can have a maximum of five members.

The RaceAt the start of the race, each team will be given one manifest, or shopping list, for the entire team. You must buy the minimum items specified on the list, e.g., buy five (5) cans of food from 'Name of Store,' 'Address'. We will give you the addresses for the stores, but it's up to you to look them up on a map or smartphone. No doubling up of purchases at one store - they must be bought separately at the specified locations. You must keep your receipts for for these purchases. 

Once you've bought these items, bring in as much additional food items as you can to the finish (SF-Marin Food Bank, 900 Pennsylvania Avenue). No receipts are needed for the additional items and they can be purchased anywhere. You can also purchase the additional food in larger quantities, such as entire cases of canned goods and 50lb bags of rice or beans. No glass, no perishables. You are welcome to make multiple trips by going back and forth between the stores and the SF-Marin Food Bank.

ScoringBring back all of the food listed on the manifest WITH RECEIPTS BEFORE 4PM to complete the race; late finishers will be disqualified. Any teams without their entire group after the 4PM will also be disqualified. Each food collection bin at the food bank is approximately 3.5' x 3.5' and 3' deep. The team that fills up a bin with the most amount of food (by weight) wins! 

What do I need to bring?

Bring a bag(s), box or crate (whatever you rock to the grocery store), a lock and money to buy items (starting suggested amount is $15-30.)

How can I be disqualified?

You must bring back the minimum items on your shopping list, as well as proof of purchase -- so don't lose your receipts! (The only exception to this rule is for the additional food items purchased for the CARGO and TEAM categories.) Keep them in a safe place. 

The end of the race is at 4PM sharp at the San Francisco & Marin Food Bank (900 Pennsylvania Avenue). If you arrive at 4:01PM, we'll have to disqualify you, so be on time! The Food Bank also officially closes at 4PM, so you'll have to enter / exit out of the small side gate after that. And no electric bikes or motor-assisted vehicles are allowed.

What shouldn't I do during the Sweep?

Please ride safely and respectfully of others, wear a helmet and obey traffic laws. We don't want you or anyone else to get hurt! And no electric bikes or motor-assisted bicycles are allowed.

What should I do during the Sweep?

Have fun with old and new friends!

Where is the after party?

The after party this year is also at the SF-Marin Food Bank - no travel necessary! There will be a raffle from 5-5:30pm (if you pre-registered on Eventbrite, you'll automatically be entered.) We're planning on awarding prizes to the top five men and women in the POINTS and CARGO categories, the top five TEAMS, and the top three FUNDRAISERS at 5:30PM.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have additional questions at supermarketstreetsweep at gmail dot com!

updated 11/26/16
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