Sunday, December 2, 2012

SMSW 2012 Rider Portraits

I'd like to echo Jenny's thanks to everyone who rode yesterday. Our event can't succeed without your pedal power and generosity. The rain was certainly a concern for us, but that was no match for you, we appreciate you braving the weather for our cause.

Rainbow Start No rain, means no rainbows.

In addition to the wet weather, we had a number of amazing mechanicals yesterday that deserve mention. Sweep veteran Seth Sternglanz taco'd a wheel at his last stop under a few bags of rice.

some rice with your taco?

Another returning sweeper, Liam Casey, taco'd a wheel and had the presence of mind to snag a backup bike from the bike parking lot at AT&T park. Here he is with this corn-flower blue beauty substitution at the end: SMSW 2012 Riders

In a 'Sweep first, we also had a broken frame! (Many at the finish line suspected the Jets jersey was the root of the problem). SMSW 2012 Riders
Sweep Snap

Thanks to all the repeat sweepers who showed up yesterday, I recognize many of you from previous years. We appreciate your continued support of the 'Sweep. SMSW 2012 Riders Alvin Chen and his crew came all the way up from San Jose to represent (no death trains this year). I'd also like to point out his exceptional choice of footwear for yesterday's weather, no wet socks to worry about there.

See all the portraits on my flickr set, SMSW 2012 Rider Portraits.

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