Friday, December 2, 2011

Get Ready for Tomorrow!

Well, tomorrow is the big day and we're super excited! The organizers and a few volunteers convened last night at the loin to make the spoke cards and shirts.


We've got some great stuff lined up - tons of prizes, beer, food, and a fun ride around the city. Meet at the Bow & Arrow at Folsom St. & Embarcadero at High Noon. (Read the rules.) You'll sign in, get your spoke card and then we'll give you your manifest and send you out to buy groceries. Don't forget that we're also running a fundraising category (currently at $8900!!!) to win a $500 coupon to Xtracycle. There will be other prizes too.

Also, the first 200 participants to bring their spoke card to the Crumpler store at the Westfield Center will get a free accessory pouch. (Through January 2012.)

We'll have snacks for you at the finish line to refresh, courtesy of Bi-Rite Market and Lee's Deli. We've got fruit - bananas, oranges, pears, apples, clementines, as well as fresh chips, salsa, and we'll also have water on hand.

And, of course, the after party is where we will award the prizes and have a drawing for those who brought back extra food. There will be two DJs, and BiBimBopBowl will be dishing up delicious rice bowls (for a small cost) with Kim Chee from The Sinto Gourmet. Winner and DFL will also receive a free bowl!

You can also count on Lloyd from 21st Amendment serving brews, and there will be Pop Chips as well as 10 tokens for a month's supply to give out! You can also look forward to goodies from Wholesome Bakery.

Can't wait to see you there!
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