Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rules for Supermarket Street Sweep 2011

All bikes welcome. Register at the Bow & Arrow on December 3, high noon. Bring $20+ to purchase the food items listed on the manifest. Only non-perishables in non-glass packaging will be accepted. Also bring a map, bag, lock, phone, water, and anything else you might need to complete the manifest.

Speed: The fastest males and females will win top speed honors. Racers must go to all checkpoints and purchase all of items listed on the manifest. Racers who bring back extra food donations not listed on the manifest will automatically be entered into a drawing for additional prizes. (Note that there will not be fixed/road categories this year.)

Cargo: The male and female cargo riders who pedal back the single heaviest loads of food will win. Cargo riders must go to all checkpoints on the manifest and purchase all of the items listed on the manifest. Additional food beyond that listed on the manifest may be collected anywhere along the route. Cargo riders are encouraged to fundraise and collect food donations ahead of the event.
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