Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Veteran Sponsors Return for the Sweep!

The Supermarket Street Sweep has collected 22,460 pounds of food for the San Francisco Food Bank since 2006, all brought in via bicycle. We don't feel that donations of this scale could be possible without the support of our many sponsors who stand behind our cause by donating their products for prizes. With so many racers willing to spend hard-earned dollars on food donations for the race, we try to get enough sponsorship so that everyone walks away with something, even if it's just a sticker. It's important to us to recognize those sponsors, and to acknowledge that they come back each year to stand behind this event. Here are a few of our veterans:

Archive Bags is a one-man show out of San Francisco. Victor not only donates some of his well-made gear each year, he comes out to count food, distribute flyers, and provide volunteer support in any way he can.

If you've never been by one of The Freewheel's two city locations, it's worth a stop. The Valencia Street shop is large and well-stocked, and the Hayes St. location is more intimate, with Travis and Dustin always providing laughs for anyone who stops by.

Travis at Freight Baggage has been making quality bags for a long time. His bags are a favorite among the messenger community for their durability and thoughtful design. Travis has been behind the Street Sweep since the very beginning.

Mike Giant is a well-known artist and bicycle enthusiast. He's become a fixture in San Francisco's cycling community, representing it in his art through bold lines and concise statements about the value of cycling.

Personalization is Mission Bicycle's signature; they work with their clients to build affordable bikes that suit unique needs and aesthetics. They have supported us for the last three years with clever goodie bags from their shop.

Sustainable clothing is what Nau is all about. Every year they send us a box of their clothing, and one of the wonderful things about their support is that they do not forget the ladies - they always send a few things just for our female riders.

Plemons Co. is another local company, a small operation run by a local messenger. Plemons toe straps really stand out; they are crafted from beautiful, durable leather in a variety of colors. Definitely a local favorite.

Yanco Pads is another sponsor that has been around since the very beginning. Every year they send us a box of their rad top tube pads, caps, and other accessories. It is wonderful that even these very small companies find ways to support this race.

Not a for-profit organization, Zero Per Gallon is about awareness, and recognizing the practicality of cycling for transport. The simple slogan says it all.

We've got a lot more sponsors, both returning and new, and we are so grateful for their support. Keep an eye out to learn more about them!
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