Friday, October 1, 2010

Thanks to our returning sponsors!

The Supermarket Street Sweep has grown exponentially every year since Jenny Oh started it in 2006, and we continue to be amazed by the generosity of the participants. This is an unusual alleycat in that it requires racers not only to carry a load of non-perishable food on their bikes, but it requires them to spend far more than the typical $5 alleycat entry fee. Racers for the speed race expect to spend anywhere from $15-30, and the cargo racers spend even more, we daresay hundreds of dollars. It takes a financial commitment to contribute to this amazing event. Last year we raised 7,507 lbs of food, which is over 6,000 meals. That's a lot of money spent to feed people.

Because of this, we work at getting donations of an array of prizes so that we can reward as many people as possible. Many of this year's donations are coming from brand new sponsors, but we are also getting a lot of very generous donations from repeating sponsors. We also want to take some time to thank those sponsors for their ongoing support and loyalty. We know that most of our racers participate because the race is fun and it's for a great cause, but we hope they enjoy the wonderful prizes we are able to offer as well, and that they feel rewarded on an existential level at the very least.

Here are some of the sponsors who have continued to support us from year to year:

Archive Bags, designed and handmade in San Francisco, are made by Victor, who also volunteers with organizing the Street Sweep and race day activities. Not only does he always donate some of his well-crafted bags, he helps us make race day go smoothly.

Baileyworks Bags makes simple, durable bags. They come in a variety of shapes and colors, and are classically designed. We're grateful that they are willing to send us a sweet bag every year.

Box Dog, a favorite of many locals, is a worker-owned collective. They are a non-discriminating bike shop that truly loves their customers. They are always really enthusiastic about the race and about how they can support it.

Do you know anyone who doesn't have a Chuey Brand cap? We don't. Chuey is a San Francisco fixture and we really appreciate his ongoing support.

The Freewheel is another go-to bike shop in San Francisco. It's a really fun shop to visit and a staple for San Francisco cyclists.

Freight Baggage is another local business that always supports us. Freight Bags are thoughtfully designed and well-crafted. We're always thrilled for their support.

Knog is an Australian shop. Their most popular product among San Franciscans has to be their lights. They're cute, easy to strap on, and they keep us visible and [hopefully] safe. And Shannon (a boy), Knog's store manager, is always really fun to correspond with. Thanks again, Knog!

Pedal Revolution, located in the Mission, is a non-profit bike shop. They've got a casual, relaxed atmosphere and really friendly staff. They also have a large selection of bicycles and bicycle accouterments. They are always very supportive of the local cycling community.

Oh, Ritual Coffee. Roasted in the Mission, delicious. Two things that almost always go with bicycles are beer and/or coffee. Last year, Ritual donated over $200 in gift certificates and some of their tasty beans.

The Hive is a cool, small company. They are mostly known for their Chub Hubs. It's a relatively new company, started in 2008. Based in Petaluma, their products synthesize engineering with design.

Zero Per Gallon is always an ardent supporter of this race. Zero Per Gallon is a non-profit with the purpose of raising awareness for cycling and its many benefits to the world. The Zero Per Gallon stickers, patches, and t-shirts send a powerful message about the usefulness of bicycles.

Chrome is a well-known bag and clothing company. They make bags, pants, jackets, jerseys, shoes, you name it. They've got a pretty nice shop on 4th Street in San Francisco.

COG is a really beautiful, well-done magazine. We are always grateful for the subscription gift certificates and latest issues they send us for the prize table.

Crumpler is another Australian company, with a shop here in San Francisco. They offer a wide variety of bags for commuters and beyond.

Laekhouse, based in New York, produces cool bicycle-themed t-shirts, which are made with ELVS (Enhanced Light Visibility System) to enhance visibility.

Macaframa was a beautifully filmed portrayal of riding in San Francisco. They continue to do projects and be a part of the San Francisco cycling scene.

Manifesto is a cool boutique-style bike shop in Oakland, just a few blocks from the MacArthur BART (for you city folk). They've got a wide variety of products, and the shop gives off the feel that everything in it was hand-selected, just for you to peruse [and buy]. It's well worth a look if you haven't been before.

MASH can take some credit for the rise in popularity of fixed gear cycling. They occasionally throw really interesting and challenging alleycat races, and they continue to be a major player in the San Francisco community. We are grateful that they always support us.

Momentum magazine is always enthusiastic to support the Street Sweep by sending gift subscriptions to their well-circulated magazine. It's an informative magazine for urban cyclists that connects the global community.

Montano Velo, another East Bay shop, is a reliable source for any kind of bike you decide to ride. Located on Piedmont Ave., the shop has just about anything bicycle-related that your heart desires.

The North Face is a brand that speaks for itself. Geared toward the outdoor lifestyle, we are always thrilled to get a goody box from them with North Face schwag for the prize table.

Some might dub RideSFO the Interbike of San Francisco. It's an expo that takes place yearly at Cow Palace, with a host of vendors, a bike swap, and lots of fun activities and competitions. Don't miss it this year on November 6. We'll be there.

Have you noticed the new bike lanes and sharrows popping up across the city? Ever ride by a gaggle of cyclists on the side of the road munching on bagels and coffee? If so, you can thank the SFBC, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. They advocate for cyclist rights in the city and encourage people to get out of their cars and onto their bikes. We really appreciate the membership packages they donate.

The Loin, based in San Francisco's scenic Tenderloin district, produces high-quality screen-printed goods. They donated 50 cool Street Sweep t-shirts last year, and always give us a hand with printing posters and making spoke cards. The Loin also has a really unique line of t-shirts and sweatshirts that never fail to draw compliments from strangers on the street, both in and out of San Francisco.


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