Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wrapping Up Spotlight on Sponsors Series

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Just two days before the race, we've finally finished our Spotlight on Sponsors series. The amount of support we've gotten from sponsors for this race has been incredible, and we recognize that their generous donations also show their support for our endeavors to raise as much food as possible for the San Francisco Food Bank. It's true - prizes help to attract participants, and the support we've gotten makes it easier to reward as many people as possible for their efforts and the money they spend on food during the race.

It's also because of these generous donations that we are able to encourage speed racers to bring back extra food for a chance to win additional prizes in a raffle drawing at the after party. We've set aside several nice items to raffle off, and we hope racers bring back extra food to increase our overall food collections for this year's event.

There are, however, two sponsors that we haven't written about. We want to thank Pacific Bicycles for the donation of a sweet windbreaker. Their logo didn't make it onto our poster, but their support is still felt and appreciated. Pacific Bicycle is a huge shop with a wide variety of bicycles, clothing, and services.

We'd also like to thank City Picture Frame. I first went to City Picture Frame to have a photograph framed; I was helped by a knowledgeable framing specialist who worked with me on picking the most suitable materials for my project, and the prices were so reasonable that I was able to spring for the extras, such as thicker matting and archival glass. Naturally, they came to mind when Mike Giant donated two of his fantastic drawings to the race. While there is rarely a need for the donation of framing services, City Picture Frame was so impressed with our noble cause and agreed to frame the drawings for us. We thank them for their support and generosity, and we highly encourage you to avail of their framing services, too!

We can't thank all of our sponsors enough for supporting our cause! Thanks to Box Dog, Xtracycle, Crumpler, Soma, and many many others, we have several big ticket items to award, as well as a large supply of t-shirts and other smaller items. Not only will everyone win in terms of helping others out by providing food to those in need, everyone has a really great chance of walking away with a little souvenir or trophy.

The race is only two days away! Are you ready?
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