Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Spotlight on Sponsors: Manifesto, Missing Link

Manifesto: A fine shop in Oakland who preaches the divine tenets of DIY, Recycling and Reconfiguration. They sell re-built, used bicycles as well as brand new apparel. Manifesto's shop philosophy: "Manifesto does not discriminate, alienate or in any way judge any bicyclists. All riders, new and old, experienced and beginner, occasional and everyday, are welcome in our shop... Manifesto believes in bicycles, as an extension of the rider, bicycles are a form of self-expression." Their selection of local products is a real treat to browse through. What sets Manifesto apart, though, is their bend towards art and music and skateboarding. A fine place, for certain. We thank them for their ongoing sponsorship of this race again this year by their gracious donation of two goodies bags with t-shirts and gift certificates.

Ah, Berzerkeley - your hills, your restaurants, your book and record shops... A fine neighbor to our East, Berkeley is home to a bevy of beautiful retail establishments. One of the very first I personally remember entering, when I first got re-introduced to cycling as a young adult, is the Missing Link. This shop has been cooperatively run for the last 36 years - a fact that should resonate loudly on the horizon, filled as it is with such temporary places. Some employees have worked there, happily, for 25+ years. No fancy wording needed here - the facts plainly speak for themselves. At Missing Link you can find any part or accessory you might need, and what they do not have they can order. You will also find low prices, smart help, free repair classes, free loaner tools, and a sense of permanence that is rare. Their support of racing, and all forms of bicycle riding, has been a shining beacon of hope for the world. We thank this esteemed establishment for their kind donation to our race of caps, jerseys, and other goodies.

(Text courtesy of Brian Raymond.)

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