Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Spotlight on Sponsors: iMiNUSD

iMiNUSD is a San Jose cycling boutique, with the motto "Ride Simply. Simply Ride." And that encompasses their mission: To deliver affordable parts that reflect the latest trends to the cycling community at costs that aren't regrettable later when the styles have evolved. Stocking popular brands such as Specialized, Cinelli, MASH, Phil Wood, Chrome, and many more, the iMiNUSD shop is large and offers a wide array of products to select from, including clothing, accessories, bags, and bicycle frames and components. While a fairly new addition to the community of Bay Area cycling shops, the San Jose-based boutique has made an undeniable entrance through extensive support of cycling events, and a blog that keeps you in the loop on the latest products and happenings. The iMiNUSD folks are also the guys behind SJFixed, a way for San Jose cyclists to connect. Two years old now, San Jose Fixed is growing every day with 1,500+ members and group rides occurring almost daily. You can follow both SJFixed and iMiNUSD on Twitter, too! We're looking forward to watching iMiNUSD grow within our community, and we are very gracious to them for their generous donation of a set of their signature deep rims that are sweeping across the cycling world, as well as some t-shirts and other goodies. When in San Jose, the iMiNUSD boutique is a must-see stop to browse and buy. Go there!

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