Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Spotlight on Sponsors: House of Commons, Thomson

A cycling blog, House of Commons reports the news as they see it, and it is usually heavy on fixed-gear related content with a bend towards the "limited edition" street fashion and culture. They stock a few items in their online shop, particularly a wonderfully designed spandex team kit as well as a few carefully selected bike accessories and apparel. It originally started as a retail boutique in Las Vegas in 2007, specializing in independent streetwear brands and fixed gear parts and accessories. They added an online shop, and then made the executive decision to close the storefront and continue with the online presence. At the same time, they became a sponsor for the Macaframa project, organizing and hosting the world premiere during Interbike 2008. HOC continues to sponsor alleycat races and host their own. Currently based in San Francisco, HOC is focusing on a small clothing/accessories brand, planning rides, and working on a new website for 2010 where they will be spotlighting various cyclists, projects, artists, and shops. Who knows what the future will bring?

Thomson is a well-known and very popular and reputable maker of bicycle components. Based in Macon, Georgia, and founded in 1981, their award-winning seatposts and stems adorn a wide variety of bicycles and are the hallmark of a rider who seeks quality and comfort. Their simple and sleekly designed parts are undeniably reliable and worth every penny on the price tag. Their stems don't budge, and their seatposts are easy to adjust and provide maximum comfort and performance. Having been recognized with many industry awards over the years, Thomson continues to be a leader in seatposts and stems. We are really thrilled that Thomson is standing behind this year's race with the donation of six gift certificates for Thomson parts.
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