Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Props from the SF Food Bank

It looks like our haul definitely got the attention of the food bank this year, from the food bank blog, the The Food Feed:

"We’re used to having big tractor-trailer trucks roll up to the San Francisco Food Bank’s loading dock – that’s how most of the 36.5 million pounds of food moving through our warehouse this year will arrive.

But last Saturday, 7,507 pounds of food showed up on some very different wheels – bicycles! It was thanks to the 4th Annual Supermarket Street Sweep, a competition that challenges bike riders to collect and deliver food to our warehouse. One hundred ninety-eight riders participated this year, and they topped the total food collected at last year’s event by more than a ton!"

Read the rest at The Food Feed.

Our haul will provide food for over 6,000 meals! Not a bad for three and a half hours!
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