Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2009 Street Sweep Stats & Full Results

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198 cyclists presented themselves at the Bow & Arrow on December 5 to race around the city collecting food donations for the San Francisco Food Bank. Out of 198 registered racers, 152 completed the full requirements of the manifest. While we didn't collect specific data on gender, it appears that we had approximately 44 female participants; an estimated 27 ladies raced in the speed category, and 17 in the cargo category.

Here's a recap of some of our top performers. Click the links to view full reports of all racer stats.

Fixed/SS - Boys
1. Adam Shapiro (2:07pm)
2. Grey Wedeking (2:08pm)
3. Brendan Trujillo (2:30pm)
4. Hern (2:30pm)
5. Ryan Murphy (2:31pm)

Gears - Boys
1. Steve "Baby Murder" Tortorelli (2:11pm)
2. Jesse Fernandez (2:16pm)
3. Johnny W. (2:31pm)
4. Isaiah Kramer (2:33pm)
5. Paul Barclay (2:33pm)

DFL: William Hsu (4:00pm)

Fixed/SS - Girls
1. Sarah Murder (2:56pm)
2. Carrie Edwards (2:59pm)
3. Rhea Aldridge (2:59pm)
4. Kate Coysh (2:59pm)
5. Sanja Wetzel (3:00pm)

Gears - Girls
1. Ruth Emerson (2:48pm)
2. Tara Taylor (2:55pm)
3. Ulrika Anderrson (2:59pm)
4. Tori Wentworth (2:59pm)
5. Christine Melendez (3:27pm)

Click here to view full results for the 2009 Speed race.
Total food collection from speed race: 1,287lbs.

Gears - Trailer
1. Jeremiah (962lbs)
2. Brad Simeral (359lbs)
Once Brad completed the race, he left and brought back an additional 186 pounds for a total contribution of 545lbs.)
3. Judah Mendez (198lbs)
4. Terrence (162lbs)
5. Andy Cohen (118lbs)

Gears - Trailerless
1. Benjamin Sanrazin (330lbs)
2. Isaac SB (263lbs)
3. Jacob SB (261lbs)
4. Wesley Willet (214lbs)
5. Seth S. (190lbs)

Fixed - Trailer
1. Joey C. (126lbs)

Fixed - Trailerless
1. Corey Warner (104lbs)
2. Dirty Dave (104lbs)
3. Alvin (99lbs)
4. Nate Clark (86lbs)
5. Dewey (64lbs)

Click here to view full results for the 2009 Cargo race.
Total food collection from cargo race: 6,220lbs.

We also recognized some other racers:

Best Dressed: Joey C.

Best Family: Mike & Mack Fee

We really wished that we had approached this race with a Women's Cargo category because the ladies really represented and performed well in this race. Look out for that new category next year! Get your cargo bikes ready, ladies!

We also wish that we had more time during the after party to call each one of our participants to the prize table for a reward. We are working on streamlining our processes for next year so that we can give you all the glory you deserve.

We'll have some more updates on the blog in the days to come.

Thanks again for coming out to this event! This year's collection was truly amazing, and shows that this race just gets better every year.

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