Sunday, November 22, 2009

Spotlight on Sponsors: Pedal Revolution & Cadence

Pedal Revolution is one of our city's finest bicycle-related establishments. Not only do they have a dedicated group of mechanics that work serious magic, they also stock a wide variety of complete bicycles and parts. They have the usual offerings from EAI and Phil Wood, and they also carry more "boutique" brands. They have complete bikes that are brand new, as well as a few older ones that have been pieced together with good parts. Their goal is to get you out and pedaling on the road, and they have many different options to do the trick whether that be a mountain bike, a hybrid, a fixed gear, a touring bicycle, or a road bike. Not only do they serve a diverse cross-section of cyclists, the shop also has its hand in social causes and the good they do for their community is amazing. They are a vital part of San Francisco and we are proud to have them as a sponsor for this year's race. Pedal Revolution has donated a gift certificate for a tune-up and a cozy sweatshirt.

When you think of Cadence, think of cycling, think of freedom, think of fashion, but most importantly think of creation- that is what founder and artist Dustin Klein is thinking about. What started out as a hobby is now a well-respected small company selling the hand-crafted designs of Mr. Klein in the form of shirts, trousers, cycling hats, and many other cool and functioning biking accessories. For a while we lost Cadence to Seattle, but now the guerilla storefront can be found once a week on Steiner. This year, Cadence is supporting the Supermarket Street Sweep with a selection of great stuff! Welcome back to the city!

(Text courtesy of Brian Raymond and Constance Cavallas.)
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