Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Spotlight on Sponsors: Nutcase Helmets

Fun helmets? Sounds like an oxymoron- but alas Nutcase Helmets breaks the mold with the original, flashy, fun, and colorful designs on their multi-purpose helmets. You know it when see them, and there’s no way you can miss them! Polka dots, stripes, flames, flowers; you name it, they got it. Graphic designer Michael Morrow noticed there was no happy medium between simple black and cheesy cartoon character graphics in the helmet marketplace and birthed the idea of Nutcase Helmets. The simple and effective helmet design is available in a variety of creative graphics that have been wildly successful (no pun intended) in allowing personal expression in the name of safety. Nutcase is donating two helmets to this year's race. They also sent a bunch of pins, stickers, and posters.

(Text courtesy of Constance Cavallas.)
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