Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Spotlight on Sponsors: Knog

Knog makes waterproof, ingenius lighting for our bicycles. The fact that they are so prevalent among the bikes of the young has earned them the endearing title of "Hipster Cyst," thanks to NY's Bike Snob. Their soft rubber exterior has an inviting tactile feel, and their one-piece design (free of extra clips, straps and other contraptions) make for a very useful little light. One simply holds it in one's hand, examines it for a split second, and knows exactly how it works - just loop it around a tube, a seatpost, a stem, a fork blade, or any other round (or roundish) bike part. The Knog will hold tight, no matter what. A no-frills design makes operation even easier - there's no question about it, just a button to press. They are bright, and they blink - which makes them doubly safe. With the addition of larger lights, the entire line of Knog is something we should all be rejoicing. In support of the Supermarket Street Sweep, Knog sent us a great parcel from Australia full of shirts, lights, stickers, caps, and goodies.
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