Monday, November 30, 2009

Spotlight on Sponsors: COG, Fabric Horse, Rickshaw Bagworks, Ritual Roasters

The name says it all: COG Magazine is a publication dedicated to the beauty that is the most simple, low-maintenance, highly utilitarian form of a bicycle. Even those who don’t ride fixed can appreciate the magnificence of their simplicity. COG is based in Milwaukee, but composed of behind the bars photos from contributors worldwide. The interviews with the most talented frame builders and articles delving into international fixed scenes will get you hooked. Bike geekdom is nothing to be ashamed of; bask in the glory of well-crafted, single gear, fixed wheel bikes and bask with pride!

Q: When did utility belts become cool?
A: Fabric Horse.

It’s hard to believe any useful utilitarian good could have so have so much flare and character; and it is even harder to believe all the brilliance of Fabric Horse designs come straight from the brains and out through the hands of only two very talented and dedicated ladies in Philadelphia. Inspired by the streets they ride on and the people of their fair city, Fabric Horse is a small, socially and environmentally conscious business devout to the preservation of the handmade. All of their products are constructed from scavenged, reused, recycled, or environmentally friendly fabrics and all of their business is conducted entirely by bicycle. Even their Fabric Horse.


Passion. Craft. Quality. This is the manifesto by which San Francisco-based bag company Rickshaw Bagworks operates. Rickshaw may be the new kid on the block, but the company is comprised of bag makers and designers who hold years of experience under their crafty thumbs, resulting in efficient and inspirational bags for the urban dweller. Moreover, Rickshaw Bagworks holds a strong set of humanistic, environmental, and social values; using their company as a platform to participate in community service and contribute to change for the greater good- as is obvious with their generous donation to the Supermarket Street Sweep!

It’s hard to believe Ritual Coffee has only been around since 2005. What did everyone drink before then? With national recognition for their delicious-is-an-understatement brews and now-I-know-what-perfection is espressos, San Franciscans have just one more reason to be snooty about... er proud of, their city. Ritual Coffee puts a conscious effort into selecting the finest coffee beans with unique flavors from around the world, and roast the beans to precision in their Valencia cafĂ© location for the average consumer. Thanks Ritual- and your bike-riding baristas ain’t half bad looking either.

(Text courtesy of Constance Cavallas.)
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