Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Attention Supermarket Street Sweep a Haul-aholics!

In addition to being a star sponsor every year (thanks guys!), Rick over at Xtracycle is organizing a troop of Xtracycles to carry a ton of food at the 'Sweep. From Rick:

We want to get a team of Xtracyclists who want to pedal at a reasonable pace and haul, collectively, 1 ton of food. So, brushing off the math synapsis, that's 200 lbs x 10 riders, or 100 lbs x 20 riders. Expect to spend ~$20-40 on food for the event. The race costs nothing to enter, so keep your hemmin' and hawin' to a minimum, this is about HAULIN'! So, join the Haul-aholics and have a blast supporting those in need this holiday season. Ride on!

PS We'll let other, short bikes, come play with us so invite your amigos, sig-others and such to help-a-haul! Email Sir Lank-a-Haul with any preguntas.
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