Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spotlight on Sponsors: Yanco Pads

Gone are the days of home-made top-tube pads. Gone are the days of wrapping the tube with a bit of electrical tape. Gone are the days of shelling out $40 for one of the NJS-approved Keirin Protector thingies. We now have Yanco Pads, industrial-strength pads for the top tube that provide protection along with a bit of color. While the pad itself protects the finish of the frame from scuffs and dings while locking up, it also has a loop for the lock to go through - a nice touch. You can choose from solid colors, reflective fabric, patterns - though all come treated to be water-resistant, have the no-slip patch, and all are high-styling. We've got some pads to give away as prizes thanks to Yanco's donation to this years race.

(Text courtesy of Brian Raymond.)
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