Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spotlight on Sponsors: The North Face

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The world of raincoats is wide and varied, with companies that range from entirely utilitarian to the fashionable that would hardly keep dry in a drizzle. The raincoat is such a specific tool, and so specific to each user, that it seems next to impossible for any company to create only a handful of models that work for the broadest range of people. The North Face, however, is not just any company. Their jackets, it would logically follow, are not just any rain jackets. There is a reason why The North Face are the most widely used across the world, for people who just need to stay dry on their commute to expert ice-climbers who need more insulation and a proper cut. The North Face handles both with exceptional warmth, and their jackets prove, season after season, what they are made of. I know I've had one North Face for going on ten years now and it is still the first jacket I pick up when it rains. Their bubble parkas, goose-down filled, and lined with heavenly fabric will never go out of style. Their newer technological creations seem to defy Mother Nature entirely with light weight fabrics that protect better than anything known to man. It is North Face's constant and unerring approach to inclimate weather and the out doors that drives their company so far ahead of the rest. Eventually, and not that far off, we will simply refer to any raincoat as a North Face much in the same way we refer to any sort of copy machine as a Xerox, or any adhesive backed note pads as a Post It. They are, and will always be, synonomous with keeping us dry. The North Face has kindly donated a stack of wool gloves, two backpacks, and two coats to our race this year, and we are proud to announce them as a sponsor. Race fast, stay dry.

(Text courtesy of Brian Raymond.)
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