Friday, October 16, 2009

Spotlight on Sponsors: Naia Gelateria

Naia Gelateria's beginning is typically San Franciscan - the owners looked around and found a sad hole in the city's tapestry and took it upon themselves to fix it. Before they came, our town was a vast wasteland without a single decent gelateria. No place for a good cup of stracciatella, not even a place churning out a halfway decent gelato-like sorbet creation. Sure, we have our Mitchell's, but not until Naia did we have natural, decadent, artisanal gelato. The knowledgeable, friendly people who work for Naia are gelato enthusiasts and moreover, they understand what makes Naia's gelato stand out so much. Naia is a place that is sophisticated, upscale, and European; a unique environment where you can truly enjoy your gelato. With their fabulous donation to our prize table this year, now you can have a truely special experience with their delectable, delicious, and traditional treats.

Naia was also a sponsor for last year's race and has kindly donated several t-shirts, hats, and gift certificates to the event again this year. You can visit a Naia Gelateria in any number of Bay Area locations.

(Text courtesy of Brian Raymond.)
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