Monday, October 26, 2009

Spotlight on Sponsors: Mike Giant

Mike has had a hand in a number of counter-culture revolutions dating as far back as the distant 1990s. I remember him from his graffiti, first and foremost - he was a real heavyweight back then painting some of the cleanest and largest pieces around. Around then, he was also churning out graphics for Think skateboards. His drawings eventually began to take on a bigger priority in his life and its no wonder that after working in skateboards for so long he eventually moved on to tattoo'ing. His surgeon-like precision and absolutely perfect line technique made him a natural in no time. While simultaneously building his empire of prints and books with the newly established Skullz Press, by the 2000's, Giant had grown into a full time artist. Eventually, he started Rebel 8, which has proved to be a perfect outlet for what he makes - for the longest time all the consumers had were his graffiti on walls (which they could not purchase or keep for themselves) and his tattoos (which had a wait-list of years). Now, his shirts, books, hats, and other limited run collectors items sell out almost as quickly as they appear, and his vocabulary of iconography grows steadily each passing year. From porn, to cartoons, to jail-house drawings, to hot-rod inspired graphics, to classic typography, Giant is a rennaiscance man. We are lucky to have him now in the world of fixed-gear cycling, his presence draws in a lot of outsiders who would have otherwise never been hip to the movement. Mike Giant constantly gives back, and has provided truely amazing prizes for this year's Super Market Street Sweep.

In the photo, Mike holds a tube with two awesome drawings for the Supermarket Street Sweep this year! You'll have to attend the race to see these works for yourself; we're keeping them under wraps until then! You can see more of Mike's art by stopping by Skullz Press at 260 Divisadero St.

(Text courtesy of Brian Raymond.)
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