Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spotlight on Sponsors: Bootleg Sessions, Death Pedal, Momentum Magazine

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There is no question that a high-fidelity recording of a classic album, such as Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys, will never go out of style and will always sound like sweet perfection to the ears of most people. There is also no question that a terrible, copy of a copy of a copy of one of The Ramones early live recordings will also inspire as much love, passion, and perfection to some listeners. Granted, these two separate worlds hardly ever combine, but they certainly are two special things and quite important regardless of their differences in quality, approach, and sentiment. If the high-definition, finely composed, well-lit and edited bicycle videos that are coming out these days are like the Beach Boys, then Bootleg Sessions would be the cassette-tape copy of the rare live recording by a lesser known band. There's an intensity there that transcends the gloss and packaging of the finer products, and there is an immediacy that is captured that sets it apart.

Bootleg Sessions prides itself on this mixed-tape approach. They make their videos quick and clean, and push them out as fast as they can. This is important in this transient world where something is new one moment and obsolete a second later. The tricks and lines that these cyclists come up with, on ramps, on streets, in lots, and out in the world, are intensely original and highly copied. They are, in effect, the trend setters. What clips they post one week are digested, copied and refined by the rest of the world a month or so later. There is little concern for what others are doing, these riders just do their thing and stay on the bike. It's like a breath of fresh air.

This one has been in the works for a few years, and is hot on the scene. One of the first bike-movies dedicated to the fledgling fixed-gear-freestyle scene, Death Pedal is claiming its spot at the top of the pile. What sets Death Pedal apart is its international approach, showing riders from all parts of the globe: San Diego, Phoenix, Seattle, San Francisco, Atlanta, Peru, Beijing, Singapore and Malaysia. Like early scene-reports in the old forgotten punk rock zines of yesteryear, there is a bit of everything from a bit of everywhere and the viewer is treated to a lot that is new on the horizon. The tricks are all top notch, as is the filming. Death Pedal also has a nice feature on the famed bicycle acrobat and ballerina, Ines Brunn. While she hasn't adopted a track bike just yet, the track-bikers have adopted her -- and her amazing balletic routines atop her bicycle continue to awe and inspire younger generations of fixed-gear-freestylers. This DVD is not to be missed, and the fourth annual Super Market Street Sweep is proud to have Death Pedal as a sponsor. The lucky rider who wins the prize is in for a treat.

Momentum Magazine has made a fabulous prize donation to our race this year: Five Subscriptions to their absolutely stellar publication, which comes out 6 times annually. While plenty of magazines are hopping on to the "bike culture" movement these days, Momentum established itself more than eight years ago as a non-profit publication dedicated to all aspects of bicycle-transportation. Recently re-launched as a business, with wide distribution and a re-designed format for both print and web, the magazine continues to promote safe and happy cycling to the entire world. With issue 41 out now, it is safe to say that the momentum is quite strong and they are only getting better. The topics chosen vary greatly, and will provide all readers with a nice cross-section of other aspects of the greater bike scene that they may not be privvy to. With a tight focus on safety, bicycle advocacy, and simply being a bike-lover, the magazine's articles all echo a common sentiment: Love your ride. Momentum Magazine is equal part cargo and commuter, courier and co-op, fashion and function. Each issue is like a breath of fresh air, and luckily for us readers, they come out on schedule and show no signs of stopping.

(Text courtesy of Brian Raymond.)
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