Thursday, October 8, 2009

Spotlight on Sponsors: Baileyworks Bags, The Freewheel Bike Shop, Freight Baggage, Transient Bags

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The love a cowboy has for his horse, the bond between knight and sword, and the undying gratitude and dedication a messenger has for their bag- that is what inspired Jon Bailey to start the Baileyworks bag company. In none other than our beautiful San Francisco did Bailey take on the daily grind of a bike messenger to get a real feel for what is needed in a good bag: No frills, all function. Now based in an old button factory located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the small Baileyworks team produces handmade messenger bags, backpacks, and other goods-carrying accessories designed in compliance to the company’s allegiance to simplicity, function, and durability. Over 15 years later, the Baileyworks is still, like its bags, going strong.

Local legend The Freewheel Bike Shop is split into two locations, serving all your bicycling needs. The Hayes Valley location, managed by Travis T., has a solid repair reputation and offers repair classes and membership workshop space to put your newly acquired, or already embedded, bike repair skills into practice. For commuting and racing bike needs and wants, the Valencia location is the way to go. Open for ten years now, this retail location carries a variety of stellar bike brands to pick and choose from.

You have to live under a rock not to know about San Francisco’s very own Freight Baggage. The simple, customizable bags and accessories that began gracing San Francisco’s downtown (and now appear around the globe) are a sight to be seen; but more importantly they are durable, reliable, and potentially giant! All items are not only designed by, but also hand-crafted by, messengers with first-hand experience working under various conditions in cities all around the world. How else could one conjure up the idea of a frame-mounted beverage coozie? (Seriously, check it out.)

At Pushbike tonight Freight will be launching a new product, the Rucksack. Stop by and see for yourself what it's all about.

It all began with the quest to create the perfect, medium-sized hip bag: Just big enough to accommodate the flat-fixing necessities and a little more. Now Transient Bag Company offers their high-quality, handmade hip pouches and accessories in a thoughtfully comfortable and accommodating variety of sizes, complete with heart, soul, and a love for bike rides in every pattern and stitch. Transient Bag Company is an avid supporter of the courier and cyclist community, and has proven true to the cause in their willingness to help out in races and events like the Supermarket Street Sweep. The company encourages patrons to support the little guy, even if it isn’t them (but who can resist a perfect hip bag?).

(Text courtesy of Contance Cavallas.)
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