Friday, October 23, 2009

Cool Shirts From Zero Per Gallon!

Supermarket Street Sweep sponsor Zero Per Gallon has started selling their cool t-shirts through the ZPG website. The shirts were formerly available through an external vendor, and getting them direct through the ZPG site has allowed for a cost reduction.

You can find out more here. They offer a black "53 Miles Per Burrito" shirt, and a gray "$0.00." Apparently there's a slight goof on the "$0.00" shirts and you can get yours for only $10! (What a steal!) Also, if you order your "53 Miles Per Burrito" shirt RIGHT NOW, you may just be lucky enough to get one of the free patches being sent out with the first orders.

I picked up my shirt yesterday and was really pleased with the soft material and snug fit! Don't miss out!
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