Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spotlight on Sponsors:
Velocity, Archive, MASH, Sheila Moon

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Velocity has quickly set the standard for modern day rims, and they keep cranking out the goods. First, their Aeroheads became popular, then the industry standard was set by the Deep V, and now the even deeper b43 rim; Velocity prides itself on making attractive rims that function as well as they look. The wide array of colors offered allow people to create highly customized wheelsets, and the heavy duty strength of their rims mean having a no-fuss pair of wheels. We are proud to have Velocity sponsoring our event this year.

Archive Bags is a one man operation out of San Francisco. For the past few years they have been making handmade cycling bags. Archive prides itself on being locally designed with each bag being totally custom and made-to-order. This allows for a collaboration between the maker and the recipient where a choice of shape, color, and all the rest of the details are decided on together. At the core, Archive is about functionality and minimal design. The bags are useful, first and foremost, and work in the way you need them to work.

Rice-A-Roni, Fog and quakes, the Nob Hill Twins, Hubba's Hideout, a sandwich from Molinari's, El Farolitos, and MASH - these are all things that are completely synonomous with San Francisco. MASH not only put track bikes on the map, but it did so by highlighting the beautiful and distinct landscape that is only available in San Francisco. The City was as much a part of the film as the riders were. Now a globally recognized brand devoted to fixed gears, MASH is without comparison when it comes to generosity. They support the same culture that they helped to start, and it is our pleasure to be linked with them for this race. We thank them for their continued dedication to setting the gold standard and for always representing our home town.

There is only one name for cycling apparel in the Bay Area, and that is Sheila Moon. With a constant devotion to creating the perfect pair of shorts, or the perfect woolen base layer, or the perfect anything, Sheila Moon never falls short and is always a driving force in cycling culture. With sponsorships across all levels, her grass roots campaign to right some of the wrongs done by other larger apparel manufacturers is nothing short of admirable. Not only do her clothes fit perfectly, stay together for a long time, but they are also good looking. With floral flourishes, and more subdued colors, there is pop for those that want it, and drab for those that dont. With honest fit, and top notch function, her clothes perform as tirelessly as the cyclists that wear them.

(Text courtesy of Brian Raymond.)
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