Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Spotlight on Sponsors: Super7

There are many alluring things about Japantown, one of them being Super7. Located at 1628 Post St., near the corner of Laguna St., the store specializes in a wide assortment of Japanese toys, both new and vintage; and offers an extensive selection of graphic t-shirts; a diverse selection of books; and a pleasant selection of clean, colorful framed prints. The store is warm and modern, with inviting bold wallpaper and soft lighting. The walls are lined with cabinets full of detailed vinyl figurines; it's a shop that could occupy an entire rainy afternoon, and has something to offer everyone, not just niche Japanese toy fans. Also noteworthy, the shop hosts occasional art shows, the likes of which can be found on the Super7 blog.

Super7 has been incredibly generous and supportive of the Supermarket Street Sweep this year. They've donated a beautiful book chronicling women with motorcycles; a copy of "San Francisco Bicycle Messengers," a photographic homage to messengers in the city; and two graphic tees.
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