Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spotlight on Sponsors:
De La Paz Coffee, Chuey Brand, Crumpler Bags, RideSFO, Cycle California!

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Small batches of foreign beans are roasted daily by De La Paz Coffee, just down the street in their Mission warehouse. Each batch is lovingly cared for, and from this comes beans that brew into one of the best cups of coffee ever tasted. They have varities from Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatamala, Sumatra and Peru - each is roasted perfectly to give a distinct taste. De La Paz prides themselves on this hand-made and delicate quality, and you can certainly taste that in each and every cup. There is never a question of freshness, as you know the date the coffee was roasted, and the fact that it is delivered via bicycle makes it all the more amazing.

There is no better way to spot a friendly cyclist than to note the type of hat that sits atop his or her head. Chances are, if it is a Chuey Brand hat, the cyclist is twice as friendly. Chuey began making his hats four years ago, and has created his own slice of the market simply by offering a simple but attractive product at a great price. His hats are colorful and each one is totally hand-made from re-claimed fabric utilizing Chuey's wonderful artistic blend of print making and use of patterned fabrics. From humble beginnings to a small team of three or four courier/helpers, Chuey's hats are now sold in many stores all over the world. No worry about losing touch with his fanbase, you can still find Chuey riding around on his bike every day, usually with a huge smile stretched across his face - he's a permanent fixture around here and we're glad to have him. He's even been collaborating with other brands and people to create more one of a kind, commemorative types of projects. We are honored to work with him on a special run of SMSW #4 hats this year.

What began as a small idea back in the mid 1990s by two former bicycle couriers has become one of the world's foremost bag-making companies. They now stock a wide range of carryalls for your laptop, your cameras and accessories, as well as more traditional cycling bags and purses. Crumpler still has a heavy hand in the custom bag market, and they even made a series of totally custom designs for our race last year. We are proud to have them back again as one of this year's main sponsors. Their company embodies the growth and integration that we like to see: a small idea growing into a large movement.

RideSFO is the convergence of riders, lifestyle, products and apparel. Founded in 2003 as an online forum where riders could hook up for anything related to riding, it’s now evolved to a retail outlet and still maintains a core of dedicated riders in the Bay Area. The goal is to be the source for Bay Area riders and riders all over the world by providing unique parts, protective gear, and apparel. RideSFO is also focused on promoting the sport of freeriding and downhill mountain biking by sponsoring events such as the CHDH, the Hella Greasy DVD and developing RideSFO-branded apparel. This year's expo will be held at Cow Palace on November 21 (details here).

Cycle California! Magazine has the largest calendar of bicycle events for Northern California and Nevada. This one is all about the bike: Original content focuses on destinations, events and issues. As a bonus we include separate calendars for triathlon and running events. Magazines are free at over 780 locations, or read the Digital Edition of the magazine on the website. Cycle California! is donating magazine subscriptions to this year's Street Sweep so you can have it delivered straight to your door!

(Text courtesy of Brian Raymond.)
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