Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Speed Race Aims to Reward Multiple Winners

The alternative to the cargo race is the speed race: Riders follow a traditional manifest to local supermarkets, where they battle Saturday afternoon shoppers to snag specific items of need for the food bank like bags of rice, canned goods, peanut butter, and cereal. Racers have a great time with each other dashing in and out of stores to carry back the goods, along with receipts from each store, and the cyclists with the fastest times win. (Check out photos of last year's race here.)

Generally the winning categories consist of a boy and girl winner for First Fixed, First Road, Second Fixed, Second Road, and so on. The Speed portion of the Supermarket Street Sweep is highly popular and very accessible to anyone with a bag, lock, and $20 to cover the cost of food purchases. Due to the generosity of our 2008 sponsors, we were able to award prizes to quite a few racers last year and we're working really hard for a repeat this year. We really hope you can come out and race to support this worthy cause!

In the photo, last year's First Fixed winner Grey hands over peanut butter at the counting table after finishing the race.
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