Sunday, September 20, 2009

Box Dog Bikes Donates Long Haul Trucker

By the corner of 14th and Guererro St., tucked aside a laundromat and a bar in San Francisco's Mission district, is a bright little bicycle shop by the name of Box Dog Bikes. Open seven days a week, this worker-owned collective extends a large selection of both new and used components, complete bicycles, framesets, and an assortment of other cycling accoutrements like clothing, bags, and helmets. They also have a work bench with tools that anyone can use for a nominal fee. The shop has a very relaxed atmosphere, is always sunny and airy, always rocking great music. If you happen to stop by after a ride on a Sunday afternoon (or any other day of the week), you're likely to run into several people you know and you'll also stay a little while perusing the goodies in the glass cabinets and the bicycles lined along the walls. It's a little like a candy shop!

The staff at Box Dog are personable and friendly, and they cater to a very diverse range of cyclists: They can fix your track bike, your road bike, your conversion, your coaster brake, your beater bike, your fancy-pants touring bike, and even your tall bike. They will spend time with you picking out parts, teaching you about your bike, or just shooting the breeze. Box Dog Bikes also offers regular maintenance classes for those who want to know more about how their bicycle works and who aim to equip themselves with the skills for basic maintenance. In addition to offering classes, Box Dog Bikes constantly reaches out to support the local cycling community by sponsoring events, attending races, and being incredibly supportive and engaged in the community. These guys love bicycles, they love to ride, and they get out there and ride right alongside you.

An indispensable fixture in our community, Box Dog Bikes is headlining this year's Supermarket Street Sweep with the very event-appropriate donation of a Long Haul Trucker frameset. This "big ticket" prize is a versatile steel frame with braze-ons for front and rear racks. Leave it to Box Dog to think of offering up such a practical, thoughtful, and generous gift to this marvelous event! San Francisco's cycling community would be bleak without the presence of this worker-owned business representing their passion for bicycles and spreading it contagiously among us. To keep in the loop with shop happenings, products, and general musings, be sure to check out their blog, follow their Twitter, or you can stop by the shop just to say "Hello." They will surely welcome you with a smile.

Ian and Jon @ Box Dog Bikes. (Photo Courtesy of Justin Plue.)
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