Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2009 Cargo Race Gets a New Twist

The Supermarket Street Sweep's cargo race is certainly something to see! Riders load up their bicycles and carry slabs of canned goods to the finish line. Last year cargo racers even did fundraising in the community prior to the race to raise funds to increase the amount of food they could haul in from local grocery stores. (See last year's biggest haul here.)

This year we're mixing up the cargo race a bit by adding some new categories, such as Fixed Cargo. We're even keeping our options open to a First Family category. The biggest load will be determined with the help of industrial scales rather than points-per-item. The cargo portion of the race is truly amazing and draws a lot of attention every year; these racers carry an unbelievable amount of weight on their bicycles, food which ends up on the tables of those who really need it. We're hoping this year's cargo race keeps with tradition by not only raising a lot of food, but also by showing the community how a bicycle is more than a toy; it's a tool.

In the photo, three-year reigning champ Dirty Dave with his 480-point load of food at last year's race finish. Each can equaled one point.
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