Saturday, December 6, 2008


In 2007, we had 110 racers - this year we had 150! I'm pretty sure we kicked ass in the food total department also (1595 pounds in '07).


FASTEST GUY (fixed): Grey Wedeking
FASTEST GIRL (fixed): Carey Edwards

FASTEST GUY (road): Adam Sharp
FASTEST GIRL (road): Tori Wentworth

Dave Vetrano 480 pts.
Brad Simeral
Neil Berrett
Mark Wheeler
Dennis Lee

2nd Guy fixed: Evan W.
2nd Girl: Sam Bell
3rd Guy: John Wayne
3rd Girl: Sanja W.

2nd Guy road: Nathan Lee
2nd Girl road: Katy Scott-Smith
3rd Guy road: Spoony
3rd Girl road: Becky

SPECIAL MENTION POINTS: The organizers and I made a tough decision because Jeremiah is such a trooper/bad-ass and brought in so much food! He's been racing the Sweep for 3 years straight and seriously deserves a medal for hauling in that much. I'd also like to apologize if your name was called late as there was some administrative confusion - but we hope everyone got a prize! (If you didn't, let me know - I will get you one as we have leftovers - and spoke cards too!)

Jeremiah: 583 pts.
Dan Oehlberg: 182 points
Corey Warner: 168 points
Jeff Reed: 166 points
Sean Flores (also DFL) - lots of points
Team Bike Rwanda - lots of points
Ryan Stahlman: 66 points
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