Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sponsors for the Sweep!

The Sweep couldn't happen without the generosity of all of the wonderful folks in the Bay Area bike community! Here's a sampling of some of the people who have supported the Sweep:

Chuey has always been a strong supporter of the Bay Area cycling community - thanks again for donating to the Sweep for 3 years in a row!

A big thanks to Mark and Lombardi Sports for the great SKS products they're donating!

Andy and Box Dog Bikes are another fantastic sponsor who's been supporting the Sweep for 3 years! A big thanks to you!

Sheila and Luna Moon - two great ladies!

A big thanks to Travis of Freight Baggage for throwing in one of his awesome creations to the Sweep! He's a big supporter of the Bay Area bike community as well so we'd like to thank him for always being such a generous presence.

Zero Per Gallon's "Jonny 5" donated some awesome stuff from his advocacy company:

MASH's Mike gave us some great prizes, including this one-of-a-kind jacket for the DFL prize!

Stevie at Montano Velo, holding up the Broakland hoodie they donated to the Sweep:

Dustin from Freewheel Hayes, with the sweet swag they're kicking down to the Sweep:

Mackay at Manifesto Bicycles in Oakland with one of two goody bags she and Sam made for us:

Dave from Vanderkitten!

Nicholas and Oaklandish donated two bags filled with swag:

Phil and Anthony from rideSFO!

Big ups to Zach (and Davin) at Mike's Bikes!

Thanks to Wendy, John and everyone at Sports Basement for their donation of four $50 gift certificates and tons of 20% coupons!

Other friends who contributed to the Sweep: Fabian, William and Ryan!
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