Friday, October 3, 2008

We Love Our Sponsors!

Cyclists love to race. It's one of the joys of having a bike - getting sucked in by the thrill and speed of competition - and when you combine that with the added benefit of helping out a charity, it's a fantastic experience for all those involved. But prizes from sponsors help to sweeten the pot even further and encourage folks who perhaps wouldn't otherwise join the fray participate in these events.

I'd like to thank all of the sponsors who have contributed to past Sweeps: Sheila Moon, Sports Basement, Timbuk2, MASH, Box Dog Bikes, Freewheel Hayes, Montano Velo / Broakland, SFFixed, Rickshaw Bags and Easton-Bell Sports. Your prizes help reward our racers even more and we greatly appreciate it.

Also, Jonathan Koshi gets a very special mention for coming up with the stunning visual materials for our three Sweeps. His design savvy is superb, and we couldn't promote this event as well without his invaluable help. Thanks, Koshi!
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