Friday, October 3, 2008

The Rules!

The rules and format for this year's SWEEP will remain the same as before. There will be a SPEED race and a POINTS race.

For the SPEED race, be the FASTEST Boy or GIRL to bring back groceries from 5 supermarkets. Prizes for road bikes and fixed!

For the POINTS race, bring back the most groceries you possibly can from 5 supermarkets. Certain food items will earn you BONUS POINTS.

This year's overall top POINTS RACE winner will get a special prize from XTRACYCLE! They're donating a COMPLETE FREE RADICAL KIT that includes installation! Win this and you can haul your groceries with your bike for life (and win future Sweeps!)

Thanks to XTRACYCLE for donating this amazing prize and may the best person win!
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